Demise of the Dutch Blogosphere

13 November 2014

Back in 2006, Dutch weblog Sargasso started following the activity of about 260 Dutch blogs that were active at the time, mainly by looking at the frequency of new postings. Earlier this week Sargasso published an update of the the status of these blogs in 2014. They summarised the results of their analysis with this fascinating visualisation1:

Each block in the figure represents one blog, where the color and the number of dots indicate how often new postings appear. Here’s the legend:

Symbol Posting frequency
Occasional gaps
Gaps of one or more days
Lots of large gaps
Almost dead
Casualty of war

The really outstanding feature here is that most of these blogs are now in the “casualty of war” category. They’re simply gone; the URLs either don’t work, or they link to a completely different website. A pretty dramatic demonstration of the importance of web archiving if you ask me.

Battle of the Blogs - The war is lost (in Dutch)

  1. If the visualisation doesn’t show, you may have a browser extension installed that blocks the “” domain from which it is loaded.